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2022 Updates to Our NINJAgarten Program

Carlton Doup Uncategorized

Hey Parents, 

We are excited to tell you about some exciting changes we are making to our NINJAgarten classes beginning in the New Year. 

If you have been with us for any length of time you probably already know that we are always working to improve our school, classes, and curriculum.  As a part of this commitment, we are going to be changing things up a bit in the NINJAgarten class. We are now going to place a larger emphasis on preparing our students with the martial arts skills needed to transition into the Essentials school-age classes sooner while maintaining a focus on the core pre-skills that the NINJAgarten class has always revolved around. 

We think you are going to love the improvements! 

First, we are increasing the minimum age of students in the class from three to four years old.  The maturity gap between three and four-year-old children can be vast at times, and this will allow us to introduce slightly more technical aspects to the lessons.  We will also be able to allow more students into the class, which means we will also be able to have more teachers on the floor.  For now, the maximum class size will increase from five to ten and will eventually max out around fifteen. 

Second, we are increasing the length of the class cycles from 10 weeks to 12 weeks, with a one-week break between cycles.  This will allow us to spend a little more time on technical skills and will give us an extra ‘flex’ week that we can use to help students who may need a little extra attention. 

We are also making some changes to the curriculum and will be re-assigning stripe colors to reflect these changes. Like we mentioned above, there will be a greater emphasis on technical skills. 

Our team has been working on these changes for some time and we are all excited to bring them to fruition. 

~ The Caring Team @ Marysville Martial Arts