Marysville Martial Arts Academy

Exciting Changes on the Way

Most of you have probably noticed some of the small projects going on around the school.  We are excited to tell you more about all of the improvements to our facility that are on the way.

First, let’s take a quick look at what we have already done in the past couple of months:

  • New curbing for parking and flower beds (coming soon) in the parking lot
  • Powerwashed and patched the parking lot in preparation for seal coating and new striping
  • New vent fan in the bathroom
  • New 8’ ceiling fans in the kwoon (training hall)
  • Repairs to the sagging ceiling in the kwoon

So, what’s coming next???

  • New widened front door ramp (today)
  • Replacing the drop ceiling in the lobby (this weekend)
  • Seal coating and restriping the parking lot
  • Remodeling the lobby to include new energy-efficient windows and a new front door
  • Residing and painting the south (lobby) end of the building
  • New flower beds on the north end of the building

And, if all goes well, we will also be:

  • Replacing the entryway awning with one that extends to cover our deck
  • Expanding the deck
  • Residing and painting the rest of the building

As excited as we all are for these improvements, we recognize that some unique challenges accompany them.  Whenever possible (most of the time), we will continue to hold classes. However, there will be some occasions where we will ask everyone to use an alternate entry into the school, and there may be a few times we have to cancel classes.  There will also be times when parking will be a challenge.  We will always do our best to communicate any disruptions.

We would like to thank you all in advance for your continued patience and understanding while we work hard to make our school an even cooler space than it already is.