The Return of Group Exams

We are thrilled to announce the return of group exams, beginning Saturday, May 14th.

Since many of you have joined our school during Covid, you are probably not familiar with the way we used to conduct belt exams. For the past year or so, we have been conducting exams during or at the end of class. This has put a huge strain on our teachers and has taken teachers off the floor every time there is an exam. With the return of group exams, our teachers will be able to give a lot more attention to all of the students in class.

Here is how it works…

Just as we do now, once a student is ready to test we will send them home with a ‘Permission to Promote’ form. The form will have the date and times of the next upcoming group exam. Group exams will be held monthly on Saturdays for beginners (white, yellow, and gold belts), and bi-monthly for intermediate and advanced students (orange belt and above). If you are unable to attend the group exam the option to attend a private exam will still be an option. More on that in a bit…

In the past, we always charged a $25 exam fee. We put those fees on hold during Covid to help lighten the financial burden during uncertain times. We are happy to tell you that we WILL NOT be bringing exam fees back for group exams. We WILL be charging a $35 exam fee for private exams.

Aside from the additional time our teachers will gain during classes, we are excited for group exams because they are a fun way for the whole family to come, cheer on, encourage, and observe the progress their Kung Fu Kids have made. During group exams, we expand our family viewing area from 16 to 45 seats, so there is plenty of room for friends and family.

As we approach the May 14th group exams, which will be for all levels of students, we will let you all know the exact times of each exam based on the level of the students.

Again, we are thrilled about the return of group exams and once you attend one, we are confident that you will be too.