The Term Women’s Self-Defense is Misleading

Carlton Doup Women's Self Defense

The term self-defense can be a bit misleading. The word ‘defense’ leads people to believe that you can defend yourself out of a bad situation, but that’s simply not the case. You can’t just block attacks. If someone’s swinging at you, you can’t just keep blocking attacks until they’re so tired that they’re going to give up. You can’t just get away from a grab and then run away.

There are various studies that have been done on this and there’s one fact that’s prevalent and keeps coming up over and over again, and that is the people in general that are the victims of violent attacks, and the ones that survive are the ones that fight. They’re the people that go on the offense. They will scream, they will yell, they will curse, they will get angry, and they will fight back.

There are self-defense classes where you learn how to hit people with your hands or your knees or elbows and that’s great. However, a lot of these people never had any self-defense classes. They’ve never learned how to throw a proper punch or how to elbow somebody in the chin. What they do is they rely on their instincts. They bite, they scratch, they tear, they scream, they yell. They let that animal side of them take over and they fight, fight, fight. Realistically, in a self-defense situation, the only way to survive a violent attack is to be violent. It’s kind of a sad truth but it’s the absolute truth.

It’s something you should really think about and mentally prepare yourself for, because if you are being attacked you can’t simply look for a way to escape, a way to protect yourself or a way to attack the other person. When you attack, you can’t attack to cause pain because causing pain doesn’t help the situation. When you attack somebody, you have to attack to cause injury. You have to fight back so much that it deters them from wanting to continue, and a little bit of pain won’t do that. Biting will do that. Scratching at the eyes will do that. Ripping at the ears will do that. Continually pounding somebody in the nose will do that.

There’s a lot of factors that will deter a violent attacker but simply defending yourself isn’t one of them. So the word self-defense, it’s a little bit misleading. Maybe it should be called self-offense.