Warm Weather Reminders

Warm weather is already upon us. We would like to remind you of the steps we are taking, and the steps you can take, to make the most of these sunny days.

What we are doing…

We are adjusting our lesson plans daily according to the weather report, and we are offering extra water breaks to ensure that students are well hydrated and healthy. We also have an awesome relationship with our insurance company who alerts us whenever there is a heat advisory that suggests that training could be detrimental to students’ health.

What students can do…

The two recommendations we have for students are getting a pair of our Kung Fu shorts, and staying well hydrated before and during class.

What parents can do….

It is worth repeating that students should stay well hydrated. Make sure your Kung Fu Kid drinks plenty of water throughout the day, and always brings a water bottle to class. Forgot their water bottle? No problem! You can help yourself to a free bottle of water from our case when you check in on Facebook.

For your comfort we will be providing hand fans for spectators. Additionally, we will be making sure everyone knows that while we do not allow food or drink into the viewing area, water is always acceptable.